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-teaching methodology
-interactive sessions
-useful examples during the classroom sessions
-review classes
Posted By: Cintoorika
Course content is perfect. Lecturing is the best part. Complete practical knowledge available. Enough field trips.
Highly recommendable. A lighting (studio lighting) demo session can be included in the basic programme.
Posted By: S.Nandakumar
1.All doubts cleared fully
2.The flow of subject is good
3.Spotless maintenance of the academy
4.Unassuming and easy to access SIR, KL.Raja Ponsing

The full course can be complimented by a small hand book.
Posted By: R.Kalyana
Excellent teaching (theory and practicals).Very good course content and pattern of teaching is very well organized. Over all wonderful learning experience. It would be helpful if at the end of the course we are given a small hand book for reference.
Posted By: Harshita Bhaiya
Ambitions has opened my eyes to photogrpahy and made me think aesthetically about every small things around me. In fact I 've begun to enjoy photography better than writing. I am now confident in handling my camera and can identify the difference bet ween a good and bad picture.
Posted By: Geeta Canpadee
The things I like in Ambitions are,
Teaching method,
Organized lesson plans
Collective learning and team environment
Posted By: S.Selvasekar
Systematic way of teaching and total interest in sharing the knowledge. Theory classes and field trips are very useful.The presentations are thoughtfully made and easy to understand.
Posted By: G.
I like the way you handle the students. 'Ambitions' is a information collection center. Walking out very happily with total satisfaction of knowing better about cameras. I like 'Ambitions' because I got to know more people and got new friends.
More photos of expert photographers can be brought for discussions.
Posted By: Sukrith
Ambitions had now made me to see the colours around the world.
It has given me a spark in photogrpahy life. I prefer the post production classes to be included in the basic week end programme also.
Posted By: Suganthi Shankar
Class room sessions are highly interactive and lively. energetic and enthusiastic teacher.
Posted By: P.Sundhar


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