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- a perfect guide ´ good atmosphere ´ classroom effect (takes us back to the feel of school & college days) ´ instructions during the practical sessions were useful ´ knowledgeable and co-operative faculty ´ well planned and struc
Posted By: P.
The sequence of the topics was quite apt for a beginner. Good motivation to explore new locations of photography. Practical sessions were useful to follow the theory taught in the class. The faculty has authenticated knowledge to clarify any doubt in no time. Had a good satisfaction of completing a systematic approach to learn the basics.
Posted By: R.
The practical classes and photography tours were enjoyable and helpful. The faculty and infrastructure are excellent helping us to understand and learn photography successfully.
Posted By: K.Nandagopal Prathap
Knowledge level of the tutor was excellent. Great amount of knowledge received in a short period.
Posted By: M.Ashwarya
Hi Sir,

My name is Ansu and i had attended the Basic Photography foundation workshop session that you conducted last week.

First of all, I would like to say a big Thank You for that session.I really enjoyed it and felt it was worth every second.I look forward to attending more sessions of this kind and improving my skills and knowledge of photography.

I am working on the assignment and looking forward to a follow-up session of the workshop.

Thanks and Regards,

Posted By: Ansu
It is an excellent place for people who loves photography.When I was young, I approached many people for learning photography but in vain. Atlas I landed in 'Ambitions', where I learned a lot. But I feel 'Ambitions' have to concentrate more on its branding. If it reached more and more people, then ambitions can make many good photographers.
Posted By: Jayakumar
Truly speaking, the course taught me to start seeing the world around me. It was a wonderful experience to have this course.
Posted By: Yudhajit Kar
I like,1. The ambiance of the class room, 2.Illustrative materials , slide shows used in the class, 3.Twenty years of professional experience shared in the class..!, 4.Course design and sequencing of classes, 5.Communicative body language and modulation of Mr.KL.Raja Ponsing..!
Posted By: A.S.Kandavelu
The ambiance was very conducive for collective learning. Depth of knowledge of the faculty was very impressive. A final course material if given would have definitely beneficial as most of us are totally new to this area.
Posted By: Vijay Narayanan
Ambitions 4 academy changed my thoughts and the way I looked at the world.It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely be able to deliver the maximum possible in the journey of photography.
Posted By: M.N.Prakash


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