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The course has been designed to equip beginners to feel confident about their work and there is a lot of tasks given to improvise the skills. There is alwys a good guidance when you do the assignments and practicals thro– the works of the past batch students. You are not left in darkness ..always help is available from the faculty. The step by step guidance received is highly satisfactory.
The very concept of photography being taught– is great as this was not available years ago. Thank you.
Posted By: Sheetal M.
The course is extensive and gave a good understanding of all photography basics. The practicals were well designed. I like the way and the time spent on the discussing the individual photos taken by us. Some of the shots taken by our Sir or any other popular photographers could have been shown and discussed.
Posted By: Pulkit Agarwal
The mentorship available in Ambitions is excellent. The feed back on the photos taken by us in the open forum is very helpful. The overall course composition is very well thought of. More of field trips will make a world of difference in the learning.
Posted By: Ganapathy subramaniam -
The option of a basic course over a weekend strategically timed to help those who work or otherwise is very convenient and informative. The course can also include the basic ideologies and philosophies of great masters of photography.
Posted By: Purnima Gopalakrishnan
The review of the photographs shot by the students in the prcticals and tours is something very useful and a powerful way to lean. The big screen display really motivates us to shoot many pictures. The practicals are very well organized and are focused on to the techniques.
May be an introduction to the post processing can be included in the basic course–.
Posted By: Nithyaseelan.G
- a perfect guide ´ good atmosphere ´ classroom effect (takes us back to the feel of school & college days) ´ instructions during the practical sessions were useful ´ knowledgeable and co-operative faculty ´ well planned and struc
Posted By: P.
The sequence of the topics was quite apt for a beginner. Good motivation to explore new locations of photography. Practical sessions were useful to follow the theory taught in the class. The faculty has authenticated knowledge to clarify any doubt in no time. Had a good satisfaction of completing a systematic approach to learn the basics.
Posted By: R.
The practical classes and photography tours were enjoyable and helpful. The faculty and infrastructure are excellent helping us to understand and learn photography successfully.
Posted By: K.Nandagopal Prathap
Knowledge level of the tutor was excellent. Great amount of knowledge received in a short period.
Posted By: M.Ashwarya
Hi Sir,

My name is Ansu and i had attended the Basic Photography foundation workshop session that you conducted last week.

First of all, I would like to say a big Thank You for that session.I really enjoyed it and felt it was worth every second.I look forward to attending more sessions of this kind and improving my skills and knowledge of photography.

I am working on the assignment and looking forward to a follow-up session of the workshop.

Thanks and Regards,

Posted By: Ansu


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