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The field trips and the different perspective of teaching makes us understand photography better.The staff and faculty along with practical training is excellent.
Posted By: Velly Nilesh
Informative , Interesting & Fun
Posted By: Amresh
* Ambitions is good
* Course agenda is very good
* Raja sir's explanation is too good.
* More mails can be send on the accessories that is available in the Indian market. So that the people can think about buying.
Posted By: Gokulnath
Received great knowledge from Ambitions4 classes. Excellent thought sharing by Mr. Raja Ponsing. Thank you Sir.
Posted By: Adhiyaman
* There was a right mix of theory and practical sessions
* Mr. Raja's explanation of photographic elements , aesthetics was easy to grasp
* Overall this course was excellent
* You are doing a great job , Please continue to enlighten lesser mortals like us
Posted By: Apeksha
Teaching methods and approach of Raja sir is excellent.Very friendly and comfortable classroom environment.It was an enjoyable experience.

I could not have found a better mentor.
Posted By: Deepshika
Great teacher, with lot of enthusiasm and potential. Wonderful team. Love it. Advance congratulations. Ambitions will move to its own new campus, with more area and facilities. I would like to come again to witness the growth and success of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.
Posted By: K.T
Dear Sir,

How are you? Hope everything is great at your end. I am emailing you to share something special.

Px3 is considered to be one of the biggest and the most prestigious photography competition in Europe. I submitted 3 photos this year and I have won silver and bronze awards for 2 photos (Little People in Big World & On a Rainy Night) in the Press/Nature Environmental Category.

Please see my winning photos @

I have won some awards in a few websites earlier but this is the first real big award I received in a professional competition and so I wanted to share my happiness with you.

Iam really very thankful to you and our Ambitions4 Photography Academy without which I would not have done anything in photography.


Vinoth Chandar
Posted By: Vinoth

How are you? I Just wanted to update you about my photojournalism with the Hindustan Times

So far it–s going great! I got my picture published from the 1st day I joined the company and since then It–s been regularly publishing. I completed my 1 month, which is the period of my internship, but my boss extended me to stay with them for another month as an intern.

More than 20 of my pictures got published in last 37 days, and one picture on the front page as well.I–m enjoying every single moment of my time here and the best thing is I get to shoot every day.

Thanks you so much for everything. Give my regards to Mrs. Ponsing as well as the entire staff member.
Keeping you in prayer,

Zhazo Miachie-o
Posted By: Kekhriezhazo
Diploma batch July 2009 - 2010
An important place for anyone who wants to pursue photography seriously.
Posted By: Balaji
Basic Weekend - 45


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