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The outings that gave practice for photography were very helpful.
Posted By: Vimala
Basic Weekend - 45
I like the theory class and the outings , Three months is too short to learn Basic Photography taught by KL Raja sir.
Posted By: Priyanka
Basic Weekend - 45
Sir is teaching photography with the human perspective not the camera perspective which is appreciable and make the students to be good human beings.
Posted By: J.Vyakula
Basic Weekend - 45
Classes taken by Mr.Raja Ponsing is really interesting and also an eye opener . Each of the topics were covered in depth and opportunities given to shoot each of the topic. The classes were really interesting with sir's humor, the sessions were really well coordinated. Field trips were also conducted to cover all the topics.
Posted By: Shoba
Basic Weekend - 45
We were taught from the heart , which talks volumes about our exposure to photography we received from sir.
Posted By: Vharsha
Basic Weekend - 45
The practical sessions and the review classes that help us learn more than what we know.
Posted By: V.Preethika
The best part of Ambitions is teaching. Excellent teaching with full heart and soul. Teaching is excellent , infrastructure can be developed a little bit , according to seating. That too will be great in the new premises.
Posted By: Deepak
Basic Weekend - 45
Casual way of teaching , Raja sir is very friendly and helpful. I like the way he explains and clarify our doubts , appreciating and explaining about our work. Thank you for making me a better photographer.
Posted By: Nandhini
Basic Weekend - 45
1. Faculty very friendly
2. Very informative
3. Very useful course content
Posted By: Sathchith
Basic Weekend - 45
Right balance of theory and practical. Review classes very helpful. Excellently designed course.
Posted By: N
Basic Weekend - 46


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