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Obviously the art of making photography , the transformation from clicking images. I liked the way I was taught to observe the world from just seeing . Thank you Ambitions team.
Posted By: A
Basic Weekend - 46
I like the way the course is presented. ie, without taking notes and showing pictures of how this could be taken.
Posted By: K
Basic Weekend - 46
Raja sir taught me things that I did not learn anywhere related to photography. he was more focused on the human element of photography than the technical technical aspects. I liked that approach.
Posted By: C
Basic Weekend - 46
I liked the Dedication of Raja sir. Philosophies of him.
Posted By: Praveen
Basic Weekend - 46
Very professional , Commitment , Extremely experienced institution , Though this is the 46th batch , I felt as though it was conducted as the first batch.
Posted By: C.V.Samuel
Basic Weekend - 46
I like the professionalism , Simplicity and enthusiasm of faculty and the students.Good learning experience about photography camera and general outlook about things.
Posted By: Pradeep
Basic Weekend - 46
Passion of the faculty Mr. Raja Ponsing , Second and third reasons : Ditto ! His passion has translated into knowledge , skill, appreciation for the nature , seeing the world , aesthetic orientation - truly phenomenal. Books can sometimes clarify but cannot teach. Rarely they teach. But cant share an experience. At Ambitions it is all about shared experience.
Posted By: T
Basic Weekend - 46
Ambitions is not only about teaching photography.It's all about how to see the world with passion.
Posted By: Feroz
Basic Weekend - 46
About Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Workshop 25-26th Feb 2012: Wonderful workshop ! Great learning experience. Got to know many things about the pros and cons of being a Photojournalist/documentary photographer. Gave me a different perspective about seeing the world!.
Posted By: Preethaa
This workshop was a wonderful experience as I learned a few more things to improvise my photography skills.
Being associated with Ambitions as a student has always been a very good learning experience. Looking forward to more such opportunities where I can learn something new every time.
Posted By: Sridevi
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Workshop 25-26th Feb 2012:


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