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The workshop was very useful in many ways. it has helped me to know about the ""breaking of emotional barrier"" with your has thrown light on very new perspective of photojournalism. hoping to get more workshop as strong as this.
Posted By: Steevez
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Workshop 25-26th Feb 2012:
The session held on 25th and 26th of Feb for photojournalism and documentary photography was really useful. It was a pleasure to meet a renowned photojournalist like Mr.Sudharak Olwe. Considering the details that Raja sir had given the previous class the image I had was totally different as compared to what I saw. Mr.Olwe was absolutely down to earth and the way he handled the session was really good.

It did not feel like a workshop,it just felt like a bunch of students having a discussion.
I got a good insight into what photojournalism is and I was amazed at the fact that I had learnt to see the world a bit differently than before. Its indeed true that to be a good photographer one has to be a good person first and that was very clearly brought out during the sessions with Mr.Olwe.

The koyambedu and Lloyds road photowalks were the highlights as I got to see so much of activities which I would not have noticed otherwise. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Raja sir and Ambitions 4 academy for giving me this golden chance and also thanks to Mr.Sudharak Olwe who spent his valuable time sharing his experiences.
Posted By: Suraj
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Workshop 25-26th Feb 2012
The Photojournalism & Documentary workshop conducted by Mr.Sudharak Olwe is an everlasting experience that honed our skills not only in the field of Photojournalism but also in Photography to it's entirety. On the process, I have learnt that dedication and anticipation are not two individual entities but are brothers in arms. Devout to one and the other will fall in place. I would also like to thank Mr. K.L. Raja Ponsing for his support and the entire Ambitions4 family for organizing such a wonderful event to behest on us. I hope many such workshops are conducted frequently.
Posted By: Balaji
I like the way the classes have been conducted. Including theory and practical classes. I have actually enquired for classes before which finishes in 4 days. I learned a lot about photography after studying in Ambitions 4. Thank you Ambitions.
Overall it was a nice experience. learning about photography and its aspects. I was having a different perspective about photography before joining this course and I was under impression that person having good camera and good lenses will get good photo. I learned that the passion towards photography will make good photo and i strongly believe what KL says , Camera is just CAPTURING DEVICE. Thank you. I take this note and move forward.
Posted By: Ashwinkumar
Basic Weekend - 47
The course is Well planned , organized and structured interesting very informative and fun.:)
Posted By: Nikita
Basic Weekend - 47
I learned photography here. Loved the way it was conducted.Sir is very informative , yet never made any session boring.Before coming to Ambitions i did know very little , which i understood after attending the class.
Posted By: Soumya
Basic Weekend - 47
Ambitions (Read KL Raja Ponsing Sir)has totally changed my perspective about photography. His passion for the subject is infectious and hopefully i would be able to do some justice to him. Hats off to sir.The class is comprehensive. the course structure has been very very helpful to me in understanding photography both technically and aesthetically.
Posted By: Sharmila
Basic Weekend - 47
Very personal approach to teaching. Pumps one with energy and motivation. Easy to approach with queries and questions.
Posted By: Sudha
Basic Weekend - 47
It was in Ambitions where I came to look at the world from different perspective and know photography in depth.
Posted By: Padmavathi
Basic Weekend - 47
I began to look at the my world in a different perspective through this course.. I not only learnt photography, i began to love,understand and respect my surroundings, people and nature.... Lot of values are thought in this course which one can never get anywhere else other than Ambitions. Hats off to Raja sir... He is a man of values...
Posted By: Yogesh Kumar


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