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Now I can identify the good things in photography. I learned more than what I expected. KL Raja sir is definitely more than a teacher. Thank you for your incomparable effort.
Posted By: Mutharasan
The session really helped me in understanding the basics of light, speed and composition. I enjoyed learning the technical aspects of photography. Iam willing to learn more and more as I feel that it is another world to enjoy
My Learning experience:
Before : Photographs were just photographs
After : Photography is another form of art
Posted By: Murthy
I came here without knowledge of camera and photography. Now Iam able to take beautiful pictures having learnt about aperture, shutter speed , ISO, focus , exposure etc
It–s great that the classes involve both theory and practical sessions giving us an opportunity to make corrections and fare better
Posted By: Naresh
Now Iam able to criticize my own work which is a definite improvement from before. Raja sir has extensive subject knowledge to solve any queries instantly.
Posted By: Rudhramurthy
The course is very useful for beginners. Now I have learnt how to shoot proper pictures. I have learnt to now appreciate lights. The examples shown in every class is useful.
Posted By: Sathish
The experience was great and I got an insight into real photography. The method of teaching was very good and Mr Raja was amazing. The field trips were useful.
Posted By: Rachit
The course opened my eyes and set me in the right path. It is definitely value for money.
Posted By: Aniruddha
I appreciate the structured approach towards photography. It was eye opening and clarified my doubts. The slides were comprehensive.
Posted By: Vasantha
I came to know how to handle a DSLR and started thinking about subject , composition etc. The course had crisp and covered the core basics.
Posted By: Shanmugham
It was a wonderful experience and got exposure to various aspects of photography. Now I can use my camera with confidence. I got a lot of friends.
Posted By: Ganesh


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