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The course has made me a better photographer not just in regards to using the camera, but also beyond photography in terms of thinking and understanding and respecting people and nature. The dedication and interest with which KL Raja teaches is infectious and it–s so much better due to constant interaction. Practical classes are a lot of fun and great learning. Excellent decision by me couldn–t have spent my money or time in a better way. Truly a life changing experience over three months.
Sir– is the best thing about Ambitions. Just looking at sir–s energy and dedication, it gives one the inspiration to do more in life, this is a true idol in all means. Thanks a lot for teaching us.
Posted By: Kavita
Studying at Ambitions was such a fulfilling experience to me, it gave me a completely different perspective to life. I hope to do justice to all this learning by diligently applying them in practice. Keep clicking, keep experimenting and keep learning. I graduated from a casual interest to absolute passion, from curiosity to awe- inspiring learning. Learnt photography and more importantly so many other factors of life including positivity, psychology etc.
Posted By: Ramanathan
Ambitions is THE destination for someone who wants to learn photography professionally. Please give us more opportunity to be associated with Ambitions by providing more specialized courses.
Posted By: Gowarthanan
I am a viscom student. The knowledge I gain here is much more than I get in my college. Really worth for knowledge, money and time. Ambitions is the perfect place with the perfect teacher, perfect infrastructure to become a perfect photographer. The place where you can change yourself from a camera owner to a professional photographer. Thank you so much Sir for not only sharing your knowledge but also your experience which gave us more confidence in advanced photography.
Posted By: Venktesh
It is really a great learning experience. Understanding the photography on the whole, understanding about the equipment gives me great insight about the photography.
All the concepts are explained with appropriate examples. It is very easy to grasp the concept with the correct example.
Posted By: Senthil
Basic Weekend Batch 49
Learning experience was pleasant and it gave me what I had come for.
Theory Classes gave us a brief on the basis concepts and ideas, Practical Classes gave us a chance to implement it.
Posted By: Deepak
Basic Weekend Batch 49
My knowledge about photography has improved vastly and got to know about many photographic terms.
Best thing about the class is was able to gain more knowledge regarding photography by seeing other pictures and during practical was able to explore what was taught.
This academy is highly recommended for beginners in photography. I joined here as a hobbyist and now photography has turned out to be my passion. It has totally changed my insights about photography.
Posted By: Hemalatha
Basic Weekend Batch 49
I–ve definitely learned a lot of things through this course. This course made me really enjoy, appreciate nature. Overall I–m glad that I–m human now.
The way how the course material was presented theoretically and examples shown on- screen. The practical were simply outstanding since we had immense support and co-ordination.
Posted By: Prabhu
Basic Weekend Batch 49
Faculty was around all the time and kept giving inputs/improvise. Very patient faculty (RAJA SIR), answering every single silly questions from us.
New building infrastructure looks fabulous. Good job in moving to the new premises. Hoping to join the advanced batches at least after 6 months or one year.
Posted By: Ramesh
Basic Weekend Batch 49
First of all the faculty is very nice. I learned more than what I expected in basic photography. Fantastic!
Both Theory class and practical are good. All the review classes were Very useful to us.
Posted By: Banumathi
Basic Weekend Batch 49


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