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All the things about the photography are covered. The practical sessions made me to think about composition, exposure and how to imply them in photography.
Previously photography was easy to me. Since I used Automode. But now it–s kind of different and difficult by learning all the things. It–s good actually. Thanks for showcasing the photography talents through reviews. I miss the class and the students. Classes can end. but my passion never..
Posted By: Arun
Basic Weekend Batch 49
It–s very useful in the aspect of technical theories about camera and how it can be convert in to artistic form in real.
This course is not only providing technical usage of camera, also given the 30 years experience of mentor in all aspects. Simply good course.
Posted By: Sasikumar
Basic Weekend Batch 49
This course was really great. It was like coming out of nut shell.
It was a great experience. My idea about seeing the world has changed. Nowadays I don–t hurry when I go to place I watch and admire and then take a picture. Thank you sir. Thanks a lot.
Posted By: Gauri
Basic Weekend Batch 49
Started like a child, happy with no worries. This experience is like teenager getting classified for all his queries would like to become an adult with greater experience.
Delivery, easy to understand method, simple language, excellent presentation.
Best start for learner/beginner. To start learning from such a knowledgeable experienced person like Mr.K.L.RAJA is a gift.
Posted By: Venkatesh
Basic Weekend Batch 49
This course made me to take my camera out and shoot in public places. It helped me to come out of my personal feelings/ shyness to shoot outside.
Posted By: Hayavadhan
Basic Weekend Batch 49
The creative zone was very tricky for me before joining ambitions. Now I love the creative zone in by camera and can get what I want in my photos.
Theory Class # the reviews and the comments were very useful for the photography taken by us.
Practical # the locations covered are good and challenging for all types of photography.
Posted By: Shailendra
Basic Weekend Batch 49
Learnt so many techniques &ways to accomplish a particular work in Photoshop.
More interactive and one to one doubt clarification till the concepts are understood by us.
Good work done by you in teaching like Raja Sir. This was the added value for
Ambition4 academy.
Posted By: Dharani
Image Post Processing Course
Before joining this course, I was zero, but after the end of this course
I would say I can do a better layout. Leading experience was too good.
We had a enough time for Practice and she cleared most of the doubts.
Overall the course was too good and I would like to join in the advance
Course also.
Posted By: Rupa
Image Post Processing Course
Had a good time during classes and learnt a lot on post processing. Direct and personal attention on clarifications. Post processing class had actually made me sit and learn after a very long time. Preetha Madam had tons of patience in going back and explaining the basic million times. Would love to learn and come back for more courses.
Posted By: Sunand
Image Post Processing Course
Was helpful in learning the basics & wide Variety of photo editing
1. Friendly approach.
2. Never hesitated to clarify the doubts.
3. Presentation.
4. Systemic approach to photo editing.
Posted By: Shaji
Image Post Processing Course


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