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The creative zone was very tricky for me before joining ambitions. Now I love the creative zone in by camera and can get what I want in my photos.
Theory Class # the reviews and the comments were very useful for the photography taken by us.
Practical # the locations covered are good and challenging for all types of photography.
Posted By: Shailendra
Basic Weekend Batch 49
Learnt so many techniques &ways to accomplish a particular work in Photoshop.
More interactive and one to one doubt clarification till the concepts are understood by us.
Good work done by you in teaching like Raja Sir. This was the added value for
Ambition4 academy.
Posted By: Dharani
Image Post Processing Course
Before joining this course, I was zero, but after the end of this course
I would say I can do a better layout. Leading experience was too good.
We had a enough time for Practice and she cleared most of the doubts.
Overall the course was too good and I would like to join in the advance
Course also.
Posted By: Rupa
Image Post Processing Course
Had a good time during classes and learnt a lot on post processing. Direct and personal attention on clarifications. Post processing class had actually made me sit and learn after a very long time. Preetha Madam had tons of patience in going back and explaining the basic million times. Would love to learn and come back for more courses.
Posted By: Sunand
Image Post Processing Course
Was helpful in learning the basics & wide Variety of photo editing
1. Friendly approach.
2. Never hesitated to clarify the doubts.
3. Presentation.
4. Systemic approach to photo editing.
Posted By: Shaji
Image Post Processing Course
I love to do lots of research before getting in to any course. When I wanted to do photography courses and learn photography to change my profession the only name which was highlighted was K L Raja sir dream ambitions academy. Best and easy way to learn. I will recommend this to everyone. Thanks alot Raja sir.
Manoj (basic weekend course batch 50)
Posted By: manoj
Understood clearly the basic and the art of photography. Enjoyed each and every session. The examples quoted in every area gives an in depth knowledge. I really don–t have time to write it down during class ´ Such vast useful information.It was well planned and designed for basic course for a lay man to understand. I should have 10 years of experience in this field to quality on the suggestion plan of Ambition–s Academy.
Posted By: Saravanan
Basic Weekend Batch-50
I got more than what I expected. Raja Sir–s teaching was excellent. He took us rightly in the path of learning photography and more. He has made us passionate about photography.
Posted By: Balamurali
Basic Weekend Batch-50
I had a DSLR for a year and was Taking– pictures instead of Making– them. Have thoroughly learned the techniques now, as an art. I feel more responsible for what I have learned in Ambitions, even other than photography.
Posted By: Sudharsan
Basic Weekend Batch-50
Initially I thought why waste money on course, when there are so many tutorials in Internet, but what an ignorant guy I was! I enjoyed every moment of the course. Even If I miss 5 minutes of the class, I felt I missed some great learning.I like the master–s sincerity and love towards photography. Sir you are great.

The age limit of 45 was upsetting to me, since I was 55, possibly the older student of your academy. There is no age limit for art learning and pushing by age limit was a sort of insult to people like me. Hope I have matched with Youngsters to some extent in my learning process. I would be very happy if you remove the age limit.
Posted By: Rajendran
Basic Weekend Batch-50


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