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My learning experience can be expressed in just a sentence. Transformation from a DSLR owner to a Photographer.
Everything, every single minute was worth spending and listening. Beyond the technical aspects, the art was much more appreciated and Raja Sir–s personal experiences were the highlight.

The entire Ambitions4 experience was wonderful. Hats off! To Raja Sir for his enthusiasm and interest towards teaching and guiding the students. Before Ambitions4, the path to walk was unclear. Now it–s wide open.Will be back soon to learn more, know more and be more.
Posted By: Jagannathan
Basic Weekend Batch-50
The full time ´ BTEC HND LEVEL ´ 5 diploma course gave me the expected insight about photography. The projects gave me a good experience and made us prepare ourselves for the professional world. The practical sessions were really good and gave opportunity to learn all the techniques and the usage of lights. I think it justifies the time, effort and money spent by me.
Posted By: Meenal
EDEXCEL LEVEL 5 achiever - Batch 1
The ambiance of the new Ambitions, class room sessions, clarity in delivery and presentation by Raja Sir are something I like most.
Posted By: Vimaleswaran G.
Basic Weekend Batch-51
Yes, the basic photography course did give a lot of insight and is a great course for beginners. I had personally learnt a lot about photography field trips especially lighting, which I was not aware of. I really appreciate the way Raja Sir teaches in such a simple language. The example he uses to explain difficult concepts makes the student to understand it easily.
Posted By: Jinkal Dabi
Basic Weekend Batch-51
After participating the Basic Photography course, I was able to understand and appreciate the world around apart from gaining excellent training on the basics of photography. Thanks for the course. I wanted to be a better photographer after the course. I am not sure about that. But I am leaving a good human being after attending this course
Posted By: G.Thennarasu
Basic Weekend Batch-51
From a beginner, I moved to the next level. Sessions were really resourceful. Expecting myself to be a part of advanced course also. The way I looked at the environment had changed upside down. Got used to view everything from a different perspective. The review sessions are sometimes lengthy.
Posted By: Praveen Kumar
Basic Weekend Batch-51
This basic course just opened my eyes for photography and now I see things differently and started to appreciate lighting. The class covers exactly what as a basic thing one should know about photography. The practical sessions are useful as the instructor is available throughout for clarifying the doubts. The course is worth every penny.
Posted By: Saravana Kumar
Basic Weekend Batch-51
I came here without any expectations, but now I have a clear understanding about studio lighting set-ups from the advanced photography course. I am now confident that I can do a decent job with studio lights. Great atmosphere, good equipment. I enjoyed the whole learning process. The syllabus and curriculum was almost perfect. Some more out door shoot may be added. The course is worth the money.
Posted By: Prithvie. A
Advanced Weeknd 2013
This advanced photography course gave a complete awareness to advanced concepts and helps jump start professional career in photography. Expert insights from Raja Sir and ample exposure to practical application of the concepts are what I liked best. Macro photography can be removed and table top may be included.
Posted By: Prashanth R. Kaankadae
Advanced Weeknd 2013
I liked the fact that everything was hands on and every one was involved in the sessions even for setting up the lights and backgrounds. I think some more creativity needs to go in for hair styles and make-up etc. Out door model shoots may be included. Raja Sir is a great mentor and really appreciate & respect his nature. Thank you for being so approachable.
Posted By: Ami Gupta
Advanced Weeknd 2013


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