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I was referred by a cinematographer. After coming here, I know how to use the camera, I am confident in handling the difficult lighting situations. Raja Sir is always there to help when there is a doubt in both classroom and practical sessions. I have got more knowledge for the money I have spent.
Posted By: Arun Ramanan
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I got to know about the class from internet. This photography class is very informative, everybody gets to speak. Reviews are done neatly. Nice place, amazing teacher.
Posted By: Amit K. Jain
Basic Weekend Batch-52
This course is comprehensive. Not just the basic as the name suggests. It is interactive, informative, knowledge sharing style rather than text based pattern. Happy to be here.
Posted By: Anand Venkatraman
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I learnt good photography and all camera controls after joining this course. In the practical sessions, the tips given by the master is very useful for practice in the field.
Posted By: Gerard.J.F
Basic Weekend Batch-52
Realized that capturing good photos aren–t that easy. There is a proper sync in both class and practical. Only requirement is we just need to flow with it.
Posted By: Deepu Cyriac
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I am a serious learner. I was thinking for more than a week before joining the course and I–m happy about it now. Excellent learning. I feel like I can excel in this field now. Apart from the technical aspects, experience and the tips shared stood out. Full credits.
Posted By: Balaprakash
Basic Weekend Batch-52
Learning here is wonderful and enjoyable. Able to see things differently now. Really fruitful experience. A lot of fun while learning. Very friendly atmosphere.
Posted By: Dr.Sharavanan N. NR.
Basic Weekend Batch-52
It was a nice experience, cannot compare or explain by words. Learned photography as well as earned friendships. The course is more than number of times worth the money. Ambitions is doing a good job. From my heart, I wish you to continue this for ever.
Posted By: Alexander N.
Advanced Weeknd 2013
I learned well using lighting and handling cameras efficiently. The model shoot is the best about the class and practical sessions.
Posted By: Elayaraja P
Advanced Weeknd 2013
This academy gives me lot of experience. The main thing I learnt lighting. It has own impact than the subject. The best thing in class session is KL.Raja Sir sharing his experience of professional photography. In practical sessions he gives us freedom to do than observing.
Posted By: Mohammed Umar
Advanced Weeknd 2013


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