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I have learnt from the Image Processing Course that minor processing like colour correction can yield great results. The ease of understanding the concepts and the practical application of processing techniques are the best about the class.
Posted By: Sudharsan. M
Image Post Processing Weekend - 2013
I have learnt the ethics of colour correction, image corrections, and layer masking through the Image Processing Course.Teaching the techniques up to the students understanding level -More focus given during the practical session - Patience in teaching the techniques are the best I like about the course.
Posted By: Thirumurthi. K
Image Post Processing Weekend - 2013
I got to know about the course through my friend Anandh–s reference. These last 12 weekends, I had a great learning experience in basics and got good friends. The best is Mr. KL. Raja Sir–s dedication. Had never seen such a dedicated teacher.
Posted By: Manikandan S.
Basic Weekend Batch-52
When I joined Ambitions, I am just zero but at present am comfortable to handle camera and shoot a perfect picture. I am really happy to come and joined here. I should learn many things about photography from Ambitions in the future. Still I have to practice about angle, frame, lighting etc
Posted By: Praveen Kumar B.
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I came to know about the course from one of our old students. Very clear, precise and well organized classes and field trips. An experienced and well read teacher line Mr. Raja Ponsing can only be a great added advantage. I would like to really thank Mr. KL. Raja Sir
Posted By: Sheila Hinduja
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I was referred by a cinematographer. After coming here, I know how to use the camera, I am confident in handling the difficult lighting situations. Raja Sir is always there to help when there is a doubt in both classroom and practical sessions. I have got more knowledge for the money I have spent.
Posted By: Arun Ramanan
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I got to know about the class from internet. This photography class is very informative, everybody gets to speak. Reviews are done neatly. Nice place, amazing teacher.
Posted By: Amit K. Jain
Basic Weekend Batch-52
This course is comprehensive. Not just the basic as the name suggests. It is interactive, informative, knowledge sharing style rather than text based pattern. Happy to be here.
Posted By: Anand Venkatraman
Basic Weekend Batch-52
I learnt good photography and all camera controls after joining this course. In the practical sessions, the tips given by the master is very useful for practice in the field.
Posted By: Gerard.J.F
Basic Weekend Batch-52
Realized that capturing good photos aren–t that easy. There is a proper sync in both class and practical. Only requirement is we just need to flow with it.
Posted By: Deepu Cyriac
Basic Weekend Batch-52


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