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Came to know the original meaning of photography and learnt as how to see in the photographical point of view. The learning through real life examples is very special in Ambitions. May be the review session could be given more time.”
Posted By: Shravan
Basic DSLR Weekend 72nd Batch
Before the course I never know why I got bad pictures (at times). Now I now the reasons, why I got some pictures bad. I am in the process of correction by practice. Simple practical approach in both theory and practical classes. Thanks to Raja Sir for his simple and plain approach.
Posted By: Shridhar Ganapathy
Basic DSLR Weekend 72nd Batch
I had a great experience in Ambitions. The practical sessions wee very interesting because of beautiful presentation and had a lot of opportunity to learn many aspects of Photography. I thank KL.Raja Sir for his interactive class sessions.”
Posted By: Shilpha Umesh
Basic DSLR Weekend 72nd Batch
The best think I like about the class and practical is the way KL.Raja Ponsing Sir explains about the different aspects in an easy way. I am happy that Ambitions is doing a very good job. All the very best, and looking forward your upcoming courses and workshops.”
Posted By: Shilka Umeash
Basic DSLR Weekend 72nd Batch
Learned more than what is expected. Mr. KL.Raja’s attitude towards the students was very friendly and the way of teaching is awesome. Many thanks for the informative and cool journey. I am now planning to join the full time diploma course.”
Posted By: Adharsh Narayan
Basic DSLR Weekend 72nd Batch
I never thought that I can do so much from my DSLR camera and my view about photography had changed now. The mentor guidance is total and complete. It is truly an enchanting experience to be in the sessions of Raja Sir. Will come back again for advanced course.
Posted By: Vidhya A.R.
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch
I know about Ambitions through a Canon free workshop..! Learning at Ambitions gave me a lot of confidence to carry forward the art of photography with out any hesitation. The module is well designed to make a person well versed with all the functions and controls of camera with the supporting practicals. Even though it is a Basic DSLR course, I had never thought that the kind of learning I am exposed through it. It was all a great new learning experience at its best. Having a mentor like Raja Sir makes you feel confident in the field of photography.”
Posted By: Shiwani Varma
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch
My wife studied here and recommended this course. Great mentoring with dedicated teaching and perfect reviews for improvement. The information is straight from a senior most photographer, Raja Sir who had shot millions of photos. Clear explanations with great examples. Accompanying us in all outdoor sessions Sir helped us as how to see a subject and clearing all the doubts on the spot. Many times he grabbed our camera shot and showed us as how to make a photo. This place is very professional and committed to photography.
Posted By: Maheshwarn
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch
This course is something I enjoyed doing. I brought my new DSLR just a week before the course and now able to shoot some decent photos. I am just blown away by the sheer knowledge and ability to hold on the interest of the entire class through out the course by Raja Sir. He is the ‘real MASTER’..just awesome. The title of the course says ‘BASIC’ DSLR, but I am sure, I have learnt more in detail. The intricate nuances that SIR explains make a world of difference. The best thing about the course are,
1. The flow and the structure of the course
2. The way Raja Sir explains the details
3. Relating to the real world scenario while explaining the topics
4. Guidance given during the out door practicals
Posted By: Sugaraj Palanisamy
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch
Referred by the ex-students of Ambitions4, the classes had changed the way of seeing our own surroundings. I had rectified lot of my mistakes and came out of preset controls. The sessions were truly interactive and the review of pictures is something I like here. Please inform about upcoming courses and programme on photography.
Posted By: Deepan S.
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch


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