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The course gave us the expected insight about the photography. What is required for a basic level photographer are covered in this course. A lot can be told on my learning experience, I learned different technical aspects and photographic art. I like the most about the class and practical sessions were more interactive discussions, question & answers sessions, reviews etc., elaborate sessions on each topic were done. The course really justifies the time, effort and money spent. The course was well planned. Some topics has to go in rush due to time, but that was acceptable.
Posted By: Omkumar G.
Basic Weekend Batch-53
My learning outcome is that it surely filled an empty space in me. It also increased confidence level and highlighted the passion I was longing for. All credit goes to our master Mr. Raja Ponsing. First and best I like about the class and practical sessions is Mr. Raja Ponsing. He is filled with experience, talent and patience. I nakedly noticed his passion on the path he is travelling. He gave us good environment also, nothing has dis-satisfied me, practical sessions are the outcome of our learning and gave good sociality with our class mates.
Posted By: Ramesh N. M.
Basic Weekend Batch-53
My experience is, I have started seeing Taking pictures seriously. I have started appreciating different technical and non-technical aspects of photography. I like the most about the class is, Raja Sir never hesitated to give answers to our questions. The entire course is well organized and enough time was given for each topic. The review sessions gave very good perception.
Posted By: Ganesh Ramasubramanian
Basic Weekend Batch-53
I learned about framing, composition, and different set of lighting and many more. I always incorporate what I learnt, which produces amazing results. The best I like about the class and practical session was ´ throughout all, the sessions were interactive, practical session were best explained.
Posted By: Karthikeyan
Advanced Weekend
I learned a lot about photography as a business and the intricacies involved with it. I got the confidence of beginning of an entrepreneur start up in professional photography. Of course, Raja Sir–s approach towards teaching was the best I like about the class and practical session.

For all our achievements and success in life, the credit goes to our Raja Sir and Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. Hail !
Posted By: Krishna Thiruvengadam
Advanced Weekend
The Advanced Course was a very well planned and perfectly designed which gave us a very clear insight about the topics covered. The class and practical sessions were well organized with equal ratio. A perfect mixture was there which was required.

The only place where I think Photography is taught at its best. A fun place to really learn and practice. I am really proud to be a Student of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.
Posted By: Gayathri Devi
Advanced Weekend
The learning experience in AMBITIONS was really awesome. We learned many things about photography. My perspective for photography changed after joining here. Theory classes were very interactive and got to know lot of additional information more than photography. Practical sessions were very powerful and will be useful in real life scenario.

Overall AMBITIONS is the best Photography Academy. Our Mentor Mr. KL. Raja Ponsing Sir is my inspiration and a best teacher I have experienced so far.
Posted By: B. Bharath Krishnan
Advanced Weekend
I learned many things about studio photography which was new to me. Both theory and practical sessions are very useful for me to know about new things and mistakes which I done for the past two years.
Posted By: Midhun M.
Advanced Weekend
I have attended the Canon Photography workshop at Ambitions 4 Photography Academy on Saturday 26-Apr-2014. The session was very interesting and useful. I have learned so much more than expected. Huge thanks to the organizers from Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.
Posted By: Jayesh P V
Canon Edge Participant
My technical skills become stronger, I have understood a lot bout the different fields of photography. There was a lot of clarity in teaching. Each session was planned with an objective. Practical sessions gave us hands on experience of working in different modes and various conditions.

Thanks you very much Raja Sir! It was really good learning the basics of photography from an expert. The responsibility with which you handled the classes is appreciable and the passion has definitely transitioned. I am happy that I did the basic photography class from Ambitions4.
Posted By: Priithy A
Basic weekend batch - April 2014


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