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I gained a lot of technical aspects of photography as well as the other aspects (which I was not aware at all). Now really feel that my thought process had changed. The introductory sessions impressed me a lot. Selectively chosen out door locations, well-organized syllabus impressed me a lot. I am happy, I came to a right institution for studying photography from Kurnool, AP
Posted By: Naresh Kumar Kurnool
Basic weekend batch - April 2014
The course had given me the expected insight. Started handling the camera without any fear and under any circumstances. The faculty is very interactive, not a single doubt is left unexplained. Photo reviews are the best I like.
Posted By: Udayakumar.S
Basic weekend batch - April 2014
Cleared a lot of doubts. Corrected my knowledge about things I thought I know.
I like the patience of our mentor, Raja Sir. Every thing was explained well and I could understand it better.
Posted By: Dakshin.B
Basic weekend batch - April 2014
It was very interesting to handle all the studio equipment with the guidance of a talented mentor, KL.Raja Sir. The demos, reviews, feedback and suggestions by Sir is something I got from these sessions.
Posted By: Ramesh N.M
Advanced Weekend 2014
Awesome learning experience. Good studio with all latest high tech facilities. Learned a lot about studio practice. Well equipped classrooms makes learning really comfortable.
Posted By: Thomson Francis
Advanced Weekend 2014
Raja Sir knows what to teach and how to teach photography. I admire his patience in making us learn. His feedback and review sessions are really helpful to improve. He is a wonderful person. There is a lot to learn from him.
Posted By: Thirumurthy.K
Advanced Weekend 2014
Well explained classes and practical sessions. Freedom to handle the expensive professional lights and equipment in the studio. Demos/reviews of studio sessions can be done on a big screen instead of laptop. Perfect mix of advanced photography topics.
Posted By: Sabarish.H
Advanced Weekend 2014
It has been a wonderful learning experience and I feel educated– as a photographer. We had a lot of hands on training and the practical sessions are informative and useful. Product photography is a good inclusion in this advanced course. An insight to fashion and tabletop is given. Few more practice sessions where the students work independently could be added. The syllabus is just perfect for the time.

It has been a great pleasure being a student of our Raja Sir. He is my first and only teacher of photography. I am really blessed.
Posted By: Anusha Jayaprakash
Advanced Weekend 2014
The way the course was conducted is excellent. The teachings by KL.Raja sir is amazing. Table top sessions and the raw correction classes are the ones I liked best.
Posted By: Dr.Vinoth.V
Advanced Weekend 2014
All the doubts are clarified on the spot. Tabletop sessions are excellent. I had learnt a lot about shooting different kinds of products, action etc. KL.Raja Ponsing Sir is an excellent teacher of photography. Hats off to you Sir..!
Posted By: Dr.Sivakumar Palanivelu
Advanced Weekend 2014


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