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Lot of things learnt in a very short span of time. Before joining Ambitions4 Photography Academy, I thought it was easy to take photos. But now I understood from Raja Sir that, Photography is an art and each picture is to be created to be meaningful. Please inform me in about any other photography programme happening in the weekends containing a lot of practical
Posted By: Sindhuja B
Basic DSLR Weekend 70th Batch
Yes, I learnt many things which I thought I already knew. Learning was effective here. I am already a hobbyist, after these classes, I have much more control over the camera and got a different perspective about photography and life. I like the way the mentors paid attention to every small details of learning on the locations. I feel the time and money spent on this course is really worth. The institution looks great and brings about the artistic feel. When I stepped in to the building I felt that I am entering in to a right place for learning photography.
Posted By: Seneha R.
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
A good learning experience. I am able learn the features of DSLR camera and all the basics of photography. A complete explanation of things with the relevant sample images made learning easier. Thanks to Ambitions... I am satisfied in terms of time, money and effort.
Posted By: Narayanan LR.
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
The course gave me the expected insight and I am happy. Anyone can click pictures but now I am able to see the subject in a very different perspective and angle. Raja Sir was so professional in teaching and he took pains to explain in multiple languages. Everything is perfect here in Ambitions4.
Posted By: Saroj Kumar Mishra
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
I came to Ambitions4 Photography Academy through the recommendation of my friend. I know to use effectively all the camera controls and menus. Good opportunity to go with the friend and explore lot of outdoors. All the aspects are good here. All the basics of photography is covered in detail.
Posted By: Karthick Raja R.
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
Whatever I had expected had happened and I am satisfied. I have learned many things especially the Composition and as how to connect the subject and make it meaningful. I liked the way Raja Sir taught us photography and his explanations are very simple and clean. I never missed any of the classes as I love photography.
Posted By: Deepan B.
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
I did not know anything about digital photography before joining the course, but now I am confident that I will be able to do something in photography. Lot of inputs were given, but I feel it must be practiced to make it easier. Total time of the classes may be increased. Value for money is definitely Five Star.
Posted By: Rajshree Choudhani
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
I like the interaction between the mentor and the student that brings out the photographer in the student. I totally feel it is worth spending. The course time could be more so that bit of post-production may be included
Posted By: Yogesh Kumar. R
Basic DSLR Weekend 69th Batch
The sessions were interesting, informative and interactive. For me every thing was useful in this course. Thank you Raja Sir.
Posted By: Harish K.
Advanced weekend – July 2016 Batch
I lost most of my ignorance in handing the camera and understanding the studio lighting. I loved everything here in Ambitions 4 photography academy, especially the tiny details which seems unimportant on the face of it but in reality is the fact that sets apart a great photographer from a good one. I so glad for choosing Ambitions. May God grant everything needed to reach greater heights.”
Posted By: Bindhu Hephzibah M.
Advanced weekend – July 2016 Batch


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