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Now I am very much clear about the basics of photography which is very much essential. Classes are designed to fit the knowledge of a beginner and amateur photographer. Clear and easy to understand. Practical sessions are the best part of the course.

Sir has a great teaching capacity. He is extending a humble, modest and easy to approach. The connection between the mentor and the learner is perfect. The money spent is perfectly worth. Cheers.
Posted By: Pooja Raghav
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 63 [2015]
Excellent course. Very well organized and conducted. I have learnt the complete camera controls and its applications – able to look at subjects differently. The flow of the course, I mean the structure was very good – the reviews gave a very good insight for improvements and able to appreciate other students’ perspective as well.
Posted By: Pooventhan
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 63 [2015]
It was an awakening experience with complete enlightment on photography. The complex things are broken to simplicity, which in turn is easy to follow/understand/absorb. The time, money and effort spent on this course is justifying
Posted By: Muralidharan
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 63 [2015]
Brought me out of ignorance…hands on practical learning was really useful. I cherish learning from the good works of my own class mates in the feedback session. On the spot guidance and experimentation made learning complete.
Posted By: Godwin Patrick
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 63 [2015]
The course was really helpful in terms of understanding about the outline of photography. The classroom and field trip is very easy to understand and Mr. Raja Ponsing sir was very friendly and approachable.
The course has really given me a feel about the camera techniques and the field trip with the help of the mentor Mr. Raja Ponsing I got practical experiences.
Posted By: Jagan Soundarrajan
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]
I really like the atmosphere of learning here, asking doubts, clarifying it with Raja sir and also love the experience learning from him and also about his experiences as a photographer.
Posted By: A. G Abinaya
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]
Really leant a lot for what I came here, review class are great to view other students view and learning from other mistakes. More interested to participate during practical. Proud to be a student of the great man Sir. Raja Ponsing. In future will be joining advanced course.
Posted By: S Subramani
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]
Now, I feel like photography is not just about clicking, but it’s another way of expressing our idea creatively. The best part of the class is Raja sir interactive teaching and the reviews of the photos ensuring we are trained to perfection in basics. The syllabus is more than enough for the beginners and Raja sir and team perfectly designed the curriculum.

To comment about the experience in this Institute will not be sufficient to write in this space. Not to exaggerate, I really learnt a lot about photography in this 10 weekends. Now I have an idea of something where in before I was really dumb in the photography. A big thanks to Raja sir for his wonderful commitment and passion even at this age. Looking forward for advanced course in future days.
Posted By: Anil Kumar Reddy
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]
I came to know about the course from a friend of mine, Dr. Sundar. After completing the course I think I have become a photography amateur from a photography novice. I really liked the personal interactions and being made feel comfortable about not knowing anything about photography. Very friendly atmosphere.

It is indeed, very nice of Mr. Ponsing, to have offered his time, even after the course is over. He has been an excellent teacher. It is shown in the fact that he is willing to spare his extra time and share his knowledge/experience with his students without any inhibition – “hallmark of a good teacher’’. Congrats on receiving the “best teacher” award.
Posted By: Dr. Babu K. Abraham
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]
I had a wonderful experience and got to know about photography basics. The classes have taken me into the new career path. I like the easy and friendly teaching. Correction about each photos me took and tips about the same photo. Simply brilliant no words to express. Raja sir’s teaching method is great for every photography beginner. Thank you so much sir.
Posted By: C. M. Damodharan
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 62 [2015]


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