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I have joined the basic weekend course in Ambitions. My friend Anusha had referred me here. Now I have good clarity in taking the pictures. The best I like about Ambitions is the teaching and the review of photos.
Posted By: Ms.Kranthi
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
Now I know to communicate thro my photos. This course justifies the time and money I had spent.
Posted By: Rajarathinam
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
All the classes gave a good insight about various aspects of photography that I wasn’t aware. It was a fun learning experience. Best part about the practical sessions, is that we were a group and was able to get help from others and Sir was also very helpful. Locations chosen were also good and appropriate. After the course, it become easier to handle my DSLR camera.
Posted By: Annamalai P.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
Raja Sir has got excellent teaching skills. His teaching helped me to understand the concepts.
Posted By: Kumaresan R.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
Very much exited about the classes every weekends! I could learn something new and useful. Learnt a lot about exposure, exposure compensation, cropping, composition, panning, lighting etc. This course is my best investment on photography.
I have been in visual media for more than 6 years but no one had taught me this much with clarity. The classes really opened my eyes. Thank you so much Raja Sir, for your friendly way of teaching and making me understand the complex things about photography.
Posted By: Joseph Devanathan Y.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
I had real fun.. such a wonderful experience including the friends I got from here. Apart from the theory of photography, I like the moments shared by Raja sir about his past experience in photography. Sir never spoon-feeds anything. He makes the creativity come from all of us. That’s great…!
For English – it is the British council, Chennai, for Photography- it is Ambitions4 Photography Academy, Chennai. A great learning experience! Raja Sir is not just a mentor for photography, and for everything about life & commitment. This is from the bottom of my heart….
Posted By: Shruthan B.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
With in a very short period, we are clear about composition and the practical sessions are very helpful to learn.
Posted By: Abdul Rahman
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
I know Ambitions through Canon free workshop. Being a basic learner, this course has encouraged me to take it up to the next level. Class room sessions are interactive and practical classes are well guided.
Posted By: Divya VL.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 59 [2014]
Sessions are very interactive. The teacher-student relationship is very casual and friendly - anything can be discussed without any hesitation. willingness to help in any aspect of photography. Professional, absolutely non-mercenary attitude towards teaching.

Sometimes I miss the jokes in Tamil, as I do not follow Tamil so well..!
Posted By: Bipasha Mukarjee
For the first time loved the theory. Very well carried and expressed. Positive and personal approach to a very vast area of photography. One session of post production can be included.
Posted By: Raksha Kalaniri


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