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The things I like in Ambitions are,
Teaching method,
Organized lesson plans
Collective learning and team environment
Posted By: S.Selvasekar
Systematic way of teaching and total interest in sharing the knowledge. Theory classes and field trips are very useful.The presentations are thoughtfully made and easy to understand.
Posted By: G.
I like the way you handle the students. 'Ambitions' is a information collection center. Walking out very happily with total satisfaction of knowing better about cameras. I like 'Ambitions' because I got to know more people and got new friends.
More photos of expert photographers can be brought for discussions.
Posted By: Sukrith
Ambitions had now made me to see the colours around the world.
It has given me a spark in photogrpahy life. I prefer the post production classes to be included in the basic week end programme also.
Posted By: Suganthi Shankar
Class room sessions are highly interactive and lively. energetic and enthusiastic teacher.
Posted By: P.Sundhar
The lessons are taught by an expert in photography - Very good ambiance for learning - Good curriculum.
Posted By: Thamim Ansar
I am Aishwarya. The basic photography student from last batch. I am currently in Singapore, pursuing my masters degree (MA Design) at LASALLE College of the Arts. It has been a fantastic experience so far and im sure it will continue to be so. Since I study in an arts institution, the exposure and opportunities are very wide. I am now able to experience all my likings and interests in the same place as the college encourages cross disciplinary studies and there are courses in design, fine arts and performing arts such as drama, dance and music. All this in turn gives me amazing opportunities for photography too.

All said and done, I am missing our Ambitions classes– and group shoots so much sir. Wish my Ambitions days– would come back. It was inspiring working with you and your team and the photo enthusiasts of my class. I would not have been able to gain a solid foundation in photography if not for you and Ambitions.

Thank you Sir.
Posted By: Aishwarya
Raja sir has absolutely no airs and never once burdened the students with a professional attitude. I have bright memories of his lectures, especially the presentation on composition– and filters–. He was so articulate and animate- like a child playing with his toys. Pure Joy..!. More personalized guided tours of a chosen location would be really good.
A better course material with illustrative pictures would be good. Just Rock on! Keep your mission alive!
A big thumps up for KLR and Ambitions.
Posted By: Gayathri Devi.R
Structured curriculum * Timely practicals* Review of photos* Professional guidance* Encouraging interaction*Ambiance*Tea break and quality tea* courteous staff*
Posted By: Sriram.L
Excellent teaching, explanation about any specific doubts is very special in Ambitions–. Photo-review session is great and very useful for learning the minute details.
Posted By: Vishnu Vardhan

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