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It's a good experience in criticizing the student's pictures. Leaving many techniques , ideas, thoughts, new form of photo society etc.
Posted By: C
Basic Weekend - 46
Great course structure , Simple and effective way of course delivery , Dedicated faculty , good infrastructure.
Posted By: Siddharth
Basic Weekend - 46
The course changed my way of seeing and got me lots of friends.
Posted By: Thirumalai
Basic Weekend - 46
Way of presentation , instructions , Ambience of classroom, Nice instructive slides.
Posted By: Veerabahu
Basic Weekend - 46
Jolly environment and good education. We are proud to be Ambitions students.
Posted By: G
Basic Weekend - 46
Obviously the art of making photography , the transformation from clicking images. I liked the way I was taught to observe the world from just seeing . Thank you Ambitions team.
Posted By: A
Basic Weekend - 46
I like the way the course is presented. ie, without taking notes and showing pictures of how this could be taken.
Posted By: K
Basic Weekend - 46
Raja sir taught me things that I did not learn anywhere related to photography. he was more focused on the human element of photography than the technical technical aspects. I liked that approach.
Posted By: C
Basic Weekend - 46
I liked the Dedication of Raja sir. Philosophies of him.
Posted By: Praveen
Basic Weekend - 46
Very professional , Commitment , Extremely experienced institution , Though this is the 46th batch , I felt as though it was conducted as the first batch.
Posted By: C.V.Samuel
Basic Weekend - 46

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