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The experience was great and I got an insight into real photography. The method of teaching was very good and Mr Raja was amazing. The field trips were useful.
Posted By: Rachit
The course opened my eyes and set me in the right path. It is definitely value for money.
Posted By: Aniruddha
I appreciate the structured approach towards photography. It was eye opening and clarified my doubts. The slides were comprehensive.
Posted By: Vasantha
I came to know how to handle a DSLR and started thinking about subject , composition etc. The course had crisp and covered the core basics.
Posted By: Shanmugham
It was a wonderful experience and got exposure to various aspects of photography. Now I can use my camera with confidence. I got a lot of friends.
Posted By: Ganesh
This course has made me technically sound.It has fine tuned my photography skills.Ambitions has turned me from an Amateur to an ambitious photographer.
Posted By: Amuthan
Being an amateur it was totally an eye opener. Each and every aspect of photography was explained in detail. The theory and practical classes were effective. It will be good if course material is given.
Posted By: Pankaj
Awesome experience. The way to look around the world has really inspired me a lot. The theory classes were followed by practical was organized and well balanced.
Posted By: Vijayakumar
I have read a lot of books on basic photography but classroom learning has its own advantages.The practical classes are the best. The review classes taught me a lot on improving my photography.
Posted By: Pavithra
I learnt to make splendid photos.The explanation about all the concepts was crystal clear.It was in simple and plain English.
Posted By: Subash

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