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I am referred to Ambitions by my friend. Have not shot pictures in ‘Auto’ mode since enrollment. I am no longer ignorant about the DSLR camera settings. Interactions sharing the ideas and perfect perspective about photography is what I really liked in this course.
Posted By: Vijaybabu T.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 68
I loved this course and it gave me the required insight about photography. Before I was a camera owner. Now I am a photographer. I am really happy about this. Given any situation, now I am able to take good shots. Details provided on each topic was amazing. Very amazed with Raja sir’s knowledge!”
Posted By: Sathya
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 68
Helped with the insight to many areas that I, as a hobbyist was unaware. I had a lot of clarification on the concept of photography and they were well explained by Mr.Raja, the mentor. Clear explanation with suitable examples helped me understand the concepts. The practical sessions were too good for application of the knowledge in photography.”
Posted By: Arvind R.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 68
I learnt about the basic exposure controls and mainly how to approach photography. Got an idea about how to see things in a photographic way. The course content is good and well structured.
Posted By: Kirubakaran S.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 68
It was great to be the part of Ambitions for quite a long time; the way of teaching was easy to understand as for a bigger who doesn–t know about photography. Field trips and review class were very helpful to learn.
Apart From theory classes, practical were very helpful to leave whatever we learn from theory classes. Practical–s help to understand in depth. The way of teaching was so good, explaining every small point with good examples.
Everything is in a professional way. Good Campus
³ The best way of teaching
³ Excellent Campus
³ The best institute for a fresher to start leaning.
Posted By: Imran
Basic Weekend Batch-50
I can use my camera effectively to its fullest potential. Very simple, detailed imparting of photography knowledge. Lot of clarity in teaching and to the point is what I like the best in this course. Every thing is great in Ambitions4 !
Posted By: Rashmi Harlalka
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 64 [2015]
I came to know about this course on line. One like never before is my learning experience. The approach to photography and step by step learning is something I like.
Posted By: Deepika D.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 64 [2015]
This course had given me the expected insight about photography. Its very detailed and informative. The mentor, Mr.KL.Raja took time and patience to explain the doubts
Posted By: Jim Kerins
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 64 [2015]
Wonderful experience…the review of the photos shot during the field trip is the best.
Posted By: Vasanth R.
Now I know my camera controls and the basics of photography…it was a very good experience. Both the class room and practical sessions are good and interesting. I think the course justifies the time, money and effort spent.”
Posted By: Bala Subramanian S.
Basic DSLR Photography Weekend - Batch 64 [2015]

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