Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography is designed for students who aspire to become a professional photographer and handle photography assignments or shoots from early client interaction till the delivery on their own.

This one year course is designed to teach photography in vivid detail and with plenty of hands-on sessions and highly interactive classroom sessions. The course empowers the learners to become masters in shooting a variety of great portraits, products, and events with ease.

Eligibility & Prerequisites:

The learner should be passionate about photography. He/she must have an attitude to observe and learn quickly. He / She should be a graduate or completed any diploma after school final. Must possess a full frame DSLR/Mirrorless camera with 18mm to 200mm lenses, portable speed light flash, and a good laptop.

Suggested Camera models: Canon 5D Mark IV / Canon EOS R | Nikon D850 / Nikon Z7 | Sony α7R III

Duration: 12 months (Tuesday to Friday)

Certification: The certificate will be issued by the academy after both the project modules are evaluated.

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Course Content

Module 1: Basic skills

Learn the art of observation.

Learn the power of the camera and the medium to make them work for you.

Use your equipment effectively to render your imagination into a meaningful photograph. Learn about the DSLRs, Portable flashes and master their controls.

Understand the basic technical aspects of photography in detail. The aperture, shutter speed, and exposure controls are important to get your pictures right.

Study the light. Understand the different sources of light and modify it to make great photographs.

Composition - Understanding the principles of composition in detail to make a picture, important when one needs to tell a story or make attractive and meaningful pictures.

Shoot great outdoors: Places, buildings, temples, monuments, beaches, landscapes, nature, animals, candid expressions etc.

Shoot people: People photography tests one's skill and confidence as a successful commercial photographer. Learn to make great portraits in a range of scenarios and situations.

Understanding digital photography – storage mediums, file formats – exposure – dynamic range - introduction to image editing – color - contrast – brightness – special effects etc.

Camera RAW: Harness the power and flexibility of Camera Raw format and the processing engines to improve the beauty and finalize your digital photographs and make them print ready.

Module II : Advanced skills & Post Processing

Studio lighting techniques: Understanding studio digital flashlights and accessories. Learn to take pictures in a controlled light environment. Working inside a studio is a great way to take pictures of people beautifully.

Learn to make anyone look great! Studio Portrait lighting styles and correction techniques in detail – model portfolio shooting – fashion and advertising shots involving people/models - outdoor portraits using studio flash.

Flash photography understanding speed lights – master & slave, radio connectivity – multiple flash setups – first and second curtain flash synchronization techniques.

Contemporary Wedding / Event photography: learn to shoot weddings in the photojournalistic and candid style. Use of professional flashes in wedding and locations.

Module III: Specialization -1

Press photography & photojournalism – Shooting editorial, news, photo feature and photo essays for press and media. Anticipating life’s drama, and how to be on the spot when they happen?

Location photography - Panorama – HDR – Perspective correction: Learn the art of taking awesome looking panoramas. Creating surreal looking photographs with advanced HDR techniques.

Macro Photography – Master the controls and the depth of field of Macro lenses. Use it to shoot outdoor and indoor subjects – Learn about extension tubes - flash extension cables, Macro Ring flashes.

Module IV: Specialization -2

Still Life / Tabletop/ Product Photography – a detailed study - Artistic lighting for still life and product photography. Shoot a variety of challenging products for promotional and advertising purposes. Learn about shooting jewelry, garments, glass, shooting products for e-commerce portals. Learn to do the post-processing for products.


The course will be taught through detailed theory lessons and demonstrations, a lot of practical exercises, model shoots, field trips, assignments, and reviews.

Details of Course completion and awarding the certificates

Once the student completes and submits all assignments and projects within the deadlines and as per the standard and the quality levels which are mandatory for the course, the submissions will be evaluated and the learner will be awarded Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography certified by AMBITIONS 4 PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY.

Admissions are open for the next batch scheduled to start June 2020

Course Fee: Rs.2,50,000 + Tax

Loan facilities and installment options are now available for students opting for this course from our banking/finance partner *

* Eligibility for loans will be at the discretion of banking/finance partner


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