Photography, like any form of fine arts, opens up a channel for self-expression and help the individual to observe the world and appreciate the finer aspects of life. People who learn and practice the art of photography tend to grow as a better human being who can make positive changes to himself and the community. 

In our experience of almost two decades, we have observed that children who start with photography at a young age develop key characteristics such as patience and persistence along with better observation skills, ability to focus better. They develop better communication skills as photography is one of the most powerful mediums of expressions known to man. We have observed improved problem-solving skills and ability to come up without of the box thinking on people who learn and practice photography on a regular basis.

Kindle your curiosity and become a better human being with a strong foundation about the fundamentals of photography once you complete this course.

Eligibility & Prerequisites:

The 'basic' course participants must have an interest in and attitude to learn photography. The minimum education qualification required is the completion of higher secondary education. They must possess a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Duration: - 6 weekends – (Saturday 2.30 – 5.30pm and Sunday 10.00am – 1pm) 14 days. Schedule of classes will be published in the first week of the program.

Registration: Call at +919444441190

Course Fee: INR. 14,950/- (Inclusive of GST).

Date of commencement: 07th March 2020.

Medium of Instruction: English and Tamil

What will you learn from this course?

1. See the subject. To see is more than looking and to become a photographer one must know to see the world around.

2. Understand the camera and the human eye. Yes, the way you see a subject may not appear in a photograph. Why is this? How to make your camera work for you.

3. Make photos. Making a photo is a process and taking a photo is an accident. Good photos happen with imagination, planning and understanding the equipment.

4. To understand the basic controls of the camera. New generation digital SLR cameras have a lot to offer for a photographer. Unless you know the various applications of the controls of your camera your imaginations cannot become an image.

5. To understand different kinds of lenses. Unless you know the various properties of lenses, you cannot handle different perspective of lenses to match the situation and your imagination.

6. To understand the basic controls like aperture, shutter speeds, exposure, and exposure meters. Learn to use the depth of field, the effect of motion and exposure creatively.

7. To see the light around. One of the most important elements of photography, light is very special and learning to understand the natural light variations and artificial light and making it work is important for a good photographer.

8. To understand the composition guidelines and aesthetics of photography. Composition helps one to communicate effectively through powerful photos. Shoot meaningful images – understand artistic elements of photography, the vision psychology and apply it.

9. Tips to shoot great photos. Fine-tune your skills using the easy tips to make your images great.

10. To shoot families, friends. People photography is something one practices to prove the talent of photography. You win people’s confidence by specializing in simple portraits using outdoor – available light.

11. To shoot great outdoors. If you love landscapes, nature, animals, temples, monuments, and buildings you can even make money from your photos.

How will you learn the above?

Through extensive classroom sessions, demo sessions, outdoor tours guided by the mentor, and review classes.

What will you get on completion of the course?

Completion of the course includes submission of a project as a soft copy. ‘Certificate of Basic photography’ with grades is awarded to the learner at the end of the course.

Date of commencement: 07th March 2020.

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