Ambitions4 Photography Academy conducts workshops / seminars / special courses for beginners, hobbyists and professionals in various areas of photography. These workshops are planed at regular intervals during the year and intimated to all the contacts in the database and also announced through our Facebook, Tweeter and Linked in pages. Apart from the standard workshops, Customised workshops could be organized to suit the needs of participants either at Ambitions4 photography Academy or the venue of the participating groups. These workshops can be conducted any where in the world.

The academy believes that the sharing the finer aspects of photography through workshops will be certainly useful for photographers and others who cannot participate in our other structured courses. The points shared by Mr.KL.Raja Ponsing during these workshops are the finer extracts from his 40 years of action packed innings in professional photography.

The schedule of these workshops will be announced with enough notice so that one can comfortably plan the time. All the workshops conducted by KL.Raja Ponsing are worth the effort, time and money for the participants..

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