KL.Raja Ponsing , the founder & director of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy, conducts photography workshops on diversified topics (fundamentals of digital photography, Knowing your DSLR camera, Basic photography techniques, Knowing your advanced flash system, Studio lighting techniques, Portrait photography, Location portraits, Candid wedding photography, Post or Pre wedding photo shoot, Location photography, Travel photography, Street photography, Product photography, Table top photography, Food photography, Jewelry photography, Macro and scientific photography etc.) for various groups of photography enthusiasts. As a powerful mentor, Mr.Raja has conducted more than 140 professional workshops for various audiences so far.

The workshops are custom designed after understanding the group and their specific requirements and interest. The workshops are very informative, lively, and entertaining.

To organize workshops for your organization or group please contacts us - Phone : +91 9444 441190 ar send your requirement as an e-mail to admin.ambitions4@gmail.com


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